Pro-Drug People are So Stoopid

Anyone who knows me knows I’m an idiot.  In fact the win/loss record of debates with my wife is a robust 0 – 84,965.  I know… Why do I even keep score?  But if I think about it, that is why our marriage is successful.  We are both willing to admit when I’m wrong.  Despite my dumbassery, I have listened and thought about the following arguments in favor of drug legalization.

#1  We have lost the Drug War
#2  We spend so much money on drug related crime
#3  Alcohol and cigarettes are just as bad as marijuana
#4  Prohibition failed
#5  Drug use would decrease if it was legal
#6  People should be allowed to do want they want with their own bodies

At first glance all these reasons sound legitimate.   You just have to think about them for a minute to realize they just ain’t.


#1 We have lost the Drug War:
If you look in the Democratic/Liberal handbook under “War” you will see that the official position is “Surrender.”  If there is too much opposition to surrendering then the backup position is to criticize.  If you define success in the war on drugs as complete and total abstinence, then yes, we have lost it.  Hmmmm… I guess we have lost the war on murder too.  People murder because they want to.  People take drugs because they want to.  There are no laws against things people don’t want to do.  Common sense dictates that laws against drug use have reduced drug use, just like laws against murder or robbing a bank have reduced those crimes.

#2  We spend so much money on drug related crime:
My answer: And?
Whenever a liberal starts acting fiscally responsible one of two things should happen.  Your walls of defense should either shoot up, or you should try really hard to keep from giggling.  We spend a lot of money fighting murder and robbery too.  How is it a bad thing to spend money to keep those who have shown their willingness to break laws off the streets?  I know some argue that the prisons are filled with people because of the petty “possession of marijuana” charge, but those people are big fat liars.  It isn’t true.  According to “Rolling Stone” less than 1% of prisoners are in for possession alone.

#3  Alcohol and cigarettes are just as bad as marijuana:
First, we know marijuana smoke is much worse on the respiratory system.  For fun, let’s say it’s true.  Let’s say marijuana is “just as bad as alcohol and cigarettes.”  Here are some of the fun side effects of alcohol and cigarettes.  They can: create dependency, ruin lives, cause fatigue, depression, a gazillion traffic injuries/fatalities, and are factors in the increase of homicide and suicide.  “Alcohol is the cause of 1 million more arrests annually than are all illegal drugs combined. Indeed, alcohol use leads to $180 billion in costs associated with healthcare, the criminal justice system and lost productivity.”  Wow, if pot is “just as bad” as THAT why are we still debating the issue?  It should be legal in all fifty states.


We totally forgot our slogan

# 4 Prohibition failed:
First of all Prohibition was a stupid, progressive idea.  That being said, how do you define “failed”?  Do you mean it didn’t stop alcohol consumption completely?  Guess what, you cute little bugger? Murder has been illegal since the beginning of time and yet somehow people are still killing each other. Prohibition didn’t work because alcohol has been part of the fabric of society for most of recorded history.  Drugs can’t claim that.  Alcohol was never prohibited completely.  There were laws which forbade the sale and distribution, but personal use was never against the law.

#5  Drug use would decrease if it was legal:
That may be the dumbest thing I have ever heard.  The best and most effective way to decrease anything is to make it illegal.  I’ve heard several people say they think it should be legal so the government could tax it.  Anytime you hear a politician say they want to increase taxes on something to encourage people to stop doing it, you should know they are full of crap.  They tax it because they want the money.  That’s it.

# 6  People should be allowed to do want they want with their own bodies:
There is a little piece of me that is just libertarian enough to buy into this.  Until I think about it.  If there was no such thing as the welfare state I could almost buy into this.  Almost.  But the fact of the matter is “No man is an island.”  WE ALL pay for these people’s stupid decisions.  We have to pay for people who freely and knowingly inject drugs into their bodies to the point they can no longer function in society and can’t hold down a job.  We pay for their shelter, clothing and food, and often we end up taking care of their kids.

The problem is that the drug/cannabis culture has been normalized by everyone, that the moral stigma once attached to being a user of pot is gone.   I get that people want to have the liberty to do what they want with their body.  It is ironic that the use and abuse of illegal drugs and other narcotics (and legal drugs) makes it necessary to have a bigger, more oppressive government. Until the day drugs do not create addicts, broken families, poverty, crime (violent and non-violent), homelessness, and general chaos in the lives of those who use their bodies “the way they choose,” they really should remain illegal.  And honestly, they should be socially stigmatized.

I don’t know if any of this made sense.  If it did not it’s because I’m an idiot.  If it did make sense to you…it could be because you’re an idiot.

LIFEZILLA:  5 out of 4 people think I’m a moron.  Screw the other 2!

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11 responses to “Pro-Drug People are So Stoopid

  1. More common sense wisdom from Lifezilla. Love it.

  2. ….Said the addict getting his daily caffeine fix :-D.(Takes one to know one)
    At least it’s not coffee or tea, right?

    Alcohol use/abuse= immediately skews your judgment, endangers lives on the roadways & causes Liver problems/failure over time. Oh, and is a huge lobby & cash-cow through taxation. (No more illegal gangs trying to bring it illegally across the border or home-brewing in the mountains to distribute to “speak-easys” tax free. Also, no more wasted tax dollars on law enforcement tracking down those illegal alcohol abusers and gangster traffickers. Hmmm what a concept.

    tobacco use/abuse= stimulant. Nicotine buzz. stinky smell & causes cancer. Ever heard of Big Tobacco? Super huge lobby in Washington and an amazing tax-dollar collector despite chemical designs to addict and give you cancer.

    marijuana use/abuse= heightened relaxation & introspection, increased appetite “the munchies,” red stoner eyes, the need to start every sentence w/’DUDE.’ Oh, & medicinal relief for cancer patients, glaucoma patients, Parkinson’s and other involuntary muscle spasm diseases & a whole host of other ailments w/no side affects. Mari-Jane is not linked to cancer or any long term health problems. (But who cares about science & facts anyway?) FYI: most legal dispensaries now offer the product extracted into pastries, candies & sodas so lighting up isn’t the only way to enjoy reaching the land of Honah Lee. [youtube | Peter, Paul & Mary lyricsPuff, The Magic Dragon lyrics
    Oh Also, the places that have legalized it like in Colorado heavily regulate it through all stages via surveillance & inventory inspections: planting, harvesting, processing & selling to market. The state taxation is also a huge boon to their local economy. They are able to capture the tax revenue just like ciggies & booze. But what do they know about fiscal responsibility and common sense?
    BIG PHARMA: (Our drugs are legal, SO THERE!!) We’re the biggest lobby in Washington compared to all other lobbies combined. Everything we make has side effects. Don’t worry though….. We have another drug for that w/more additional side effects and we just keep offering more & more & more. Oh, and if you die or have immense complications from ingesting our product, there are lawyers to handle the multi-million dollar class-action law suits after we’ve first profited our billions. But, Pleeeeeease keep filling your prescriptions like good sheeple. It’s the best way! Gov approved! 😀

  3. Oh, Danny…

    Pro-drug people may be stoo-pid, but at least we are consistent. Right? Let’s call a spade a spade. I vaguely recall an earlier post somewhere that talks about a stint you had at a grocery store and how appalled you were that we weren’t allowed to be adults in this country anymore…correct? How dare they ask an 85 year old man for I.D. on cigarettes? How dare they? Is he not an adult? And, now trying to pass a law about people smoking in cars with children…the nerve. Aren’t people free agents? Must we mandate everything? Now, a man can’t even smoke a cigarette in his own car with his infant. The outrage! I remember it well, how you lambasted society for infringing on somebody’s right. I believe you ended with, “What’s next? You can’t smoke in your own house?” Um, yes, pardon me for the huge smirk on my face. It is so funny how those pesky Conservatives are all about less government, fewer laws…well, until they want them. You know, it is completely outrageous to try and tell anybody what to do until of course, you agree and then it is full steam ahead. You just can’t have it both ways, you cute little bugger, you. Doesn’t work like that…sorry. It sure would be nice if we could pick and choose which substances we deem appropriate as a society, and then outlaw those we find morally reprehensible, and finally assume a moral superiority to those who don’t agree with us on the issue. Oh wait…we already do that.

    Somewhere somebody decided that marijuana was bad, but alcohol wasn’t. Who decided that Heroin was bad but Caffeine was acceptable? Who gets to decide that Percocet for pain is advisable, but marijuana will land you in prison. Who decides? Why is it up to you to decide what a person ingests into their body? I know how much you love Mayor Bloomberg, but I had no idea you aspired to be like him. What’s next? Coffee? Do we really get the right to tell people what they may or may not ingest? I think you’ll agree… it is a very fine line, but that’s coming from a Liberal loving hippie.

    Oh, and the Liberals answer to any war is ‘surrender’ comment. That was pretty funny, but in all seriousness, you say that as if it’s a bad thing. I am proud of that. Most Liberals believe that war is always the last option, and we do tend to drag our feet a bit when it comes to the taking of life…reprehensible, I know. I wonder how we sleep at night thinking that sometimes, things are bigger than country. There is no flag that shines bright enough to dull the blood shed of innocent people. None, including ours. War may be a necessary evil, yes, but I don’t find it a bad thing that I want to exhaust every plausible effort to avoid it, and that may very well mean surrendering pride. Let’s make sure that if it is a possibility that we may incur or sustain the loss of life as a country, that our very freedom we hold dear is on the verge of collapse.

    Lastly, in reference to your last paragraph,

    “Until the day drugs do not create addicts, broken families, poverty, crime (violent and non-violent), homelessness, and general chaos in the lives of those who use their bodies “the way they choose,” they really should remain illegal. And honestly, they should be socially stigmatized.”

    let me just add this…replace the word ‘drugs’ with: pride, sex, riches, alcohol, or power. All of which create the general chaos in lives of those who use their bodies…if we are going to mandate our idea of moral behavior with laws, marijuana is the tip of the iceberg. Sex, Greed, Money, Power, and Pride have destroyed more lives than pot. That is a fact. Are we going to pass laws against those sins? When did it become illegal to be an adult, (your words, not mine?)

    How bout you roll that up in your cute little joint and smoke it…don’t worry less than 1% are in jail for mere consumption. You’re safe. ( :

    Oh, and while we are on the “no man is an island” theme. I absolutely agree. I don’t want to have to pay for any gun-related deaths, crimes or injuries. If you can whine about having to pay for drug related woes, I certainly have the right to whine about those involving guns, right? I want the second amendment abolished. Guns are a detriment to society. They cost me too much money. I think it is fair, as we feel at liberty to pick and choose what is right and moral, according to us, for society. The marijuana makes about as much sense to me as this one does for you. I don’t want guns outlawed. I am grateful for the 2nd amendment. Yes, personally, I might find guns morally irresponsible. Does that mean I get to decide that for everyone?

    • Danny Quinney

      Tish (muh-dear),

      As you know I normally don’t reply to comments. I feel as if I have brilliantly said my peace, so I’m going to make this short. The fact you can tell there is a difference between caffeine and Heroin proves there is a top of the slope and the bottom of the slope.

  4. For me personally, drug use is a moral issue. My religion, as I understand it, asks that I keep my mind and body free from substances that would harm them or alter my behavior or ability to make decisions. I realize that half the stuff we eat isn’t good for us, and so it would be nearly impossible to live the law exactly. But the difference is how much that substance has an impact on my behavior and decision making. I do drink caffeine because even when I’ve been addicted, I am still in control of my thoughts and decisions. My judgement is not clouded, though I might be grumpy if I am lacking my “fix.” The same cannot be said for heroin (an example used above). Yes, I’m sure your readers could site studies about how this food or that additive has an impact on health and behavior, but for me there is a huge difference between red #40 “possibly” causing attention deficit (which is why I try to avoid giving it to my little guy) and a drug that definitely causes all kinds of health problems.
    I love how people who defend marijuana use claim there is no ill effects from it. Their marijuana use has made them stupid, or at least in denial. This is taken straight from The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry:
    Effects of Marijuana
    Regular use of marijuana can lead to dependence, which causes users to have a very hard time stopping. When teens use marijuana regularly, they may crave marijuana and give up important activities to use marijuana. If they stop using, they may suffer from withdrawal symptoms which can include irritability, anxiety, and changes in mood, sleep, and appetite.

    Marijuana can also cause serious problems with learning, feelings, and health. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the active ingredient in marijuana. THC affects the brain’s control of emotions, thinking, and coordination.

    Use of marijuana can lead to:

    School difficulties
    Problems with memory and concentration
    Increased aggression
    Car accidents
    Use of other drugs or alcohol
    Risky sexual behaviors
    Increased risk of suicide
    Increased risk of psychosis

    Long-term use of marijuana can lead to:

    The same breathing problems as smoking cigarettes (coughing, wheezing, trouble with physical activity, and lung cancer)
    Decreased motivation or interest
    Lower intelligence
    Mental health problems, such as depression, anxiety, anger, moodiness, and psychosis
    Decreased or lack of response to mental health medication
    Increased risk of side effects from mental health medication

  5. Oops, I wasn’t done. I was just going to add that I don’t know whether keeping drugs illegal or not is the answer. Results are mixed. Portugal claims that drug use has dropped since legalization. But the claim is made by the same people who made the decision to legalize the drugs. The Netherlands doesn’t provide a clear answer. It seems I read an article a while back that said it did NOT reduce drug use there, but I don’t remember the source. Doing a quick search doesn’t provide a clear answer.

  6. Danny Quinney

    To me the point is we don’t know the outcome.

    Several years ago I read an article (I’ll try to find it) about people who use Meth.

    In the article it described that some users of Meth discovered that, after getting high, if they urinate in a jar and boil the urine down the remaining residue could be used to get high again.

    It then went on to explain if the user was really “tweaking” they wouldn’t wait for the urine to boil down. They could get a fix if they drank the urine.

    I told this story to a group of youth at the church I attend. I then told them, “Let me tell you where “rock bottom” is. Rock bottom is when you are waiting for your friend to take a piss so you can drink it to get high.”

    I then told them, if you could go back in time and ask these kids what they wanted to be when they grow up not one of them would say they wanted to be piss drinkers. They would all want to be movie stars, doctors, lawyers, firemen, etc.

    Generally speaking, the road to drinking piss is paved with that first joint.

    I know not every person who uses pot occasionally will become a crack whore. I get that. But the crack whore started somewhere. No one wants to be a crack whore when they grow up. (Quick side note: I think “crack whore” has to be the worst occupation in America. Hold on. No. I’m mistaken. An assistant to a crack whore would probably be worse). The point is no one can predict how they are going to react to drug use.

    I love money. I need more of it. My neighbors have better stuff then me and it really ticks me off. I know they have stacks of money in the bank. I like to consider myself a moral person. Taking morality and putting it on the back burner, I know if I robbed a bank there is a pretty good chance I’m going to jail. It is a deterrent.

    I might get away with robbing a bank once. I might get away with smoking a joint once. But I know the more I do it the better the chances are I’m going to get caught.

    As a conservative I believe in personal freedom. I really do. But I’m also a realist. Until people learn to live with the consequences of their personal choices, we need to have some laws. The day they repeal the Nanny-state is the day I’ll be all for repealing the laws against drug use.

  7. Josh Loveless

    Danny, couple of important points here:

    1. You’re just a bigot. You disagreed with some people, therefore you hate them and don’t like “their kind”.
    2. You believe in laws and social responsibility and all that, and you know someone always gets hurt or ostracized when you do that.
    3. My cousin smokes pot and he’s fine, so everyone should just lay off cause that proves you’re wrong. Also, you know just the other day I saw this guy and he looked sad. The only conclusion here is that there’s too many sad people in the world. We need to fix that… but how?


  8. Just a little FYI, I was reading about the main guy who perpetrated that horrible, barbaric attack in London, and his “friends” said he was a normal, nice guy until he started smoking weed. Then he changed and started to exhibit violent behavior. The friends of the Boston bomber (the one still alive) said almost exactly the same thing about him. Now I know that there is much more to their violence than marijuana, but I thought it was interesting that it was mentioned in both of their back stories.

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