Anyone who knows me knows I’m a normal guy.  In fact, I hate to brag, but I’m average in everyway.  I have zero marketable skills.  You know what, now that I think about it, not once have my younger siblings thanked me for how low I set the bar for them.  “But Danny,” you whine, “you enjoy writing”.  That is true.  I’ll give you that one.  I do enjoy writing.  But I wouldn’t say I’m good at it.  I’m okay.  I’m a blogger’s equivalent of a “Wendy’s value meal”. Really, a trained monkey could write like I do.  In fact, the other night I fell asleep with my head on my keyboard, and when I woke up I had written a “Twilight” novel.

In personal news:  Lifezilla will be one year old on the 15th of this month.  Yeah!!!  I’m pretty excited.  On the 16th I’ll finally be able to take off the train bra…er…wheels.  I said wheels.  I SAID TRAINING WHEELS!!!

Just come as you are

I’m still trying to figure out how to manage the “website” thing.  It seems I hate every other change I make.  I did create a new Lifezilla Facebook page.  I have a personal Facebook page were I regularly post my miscellaneous rantings, ravings, quick thoughts, or whatnots.  But I want to inflect my dumbery to a bigger audience so I’m hoping I can sweet talk to you into liking my page.  I envision it’ll be like a unstop party full of people taking breaks from stalking exs, tossing ticked off birds into walls or tending their virtual farm.  Just imagine a site full of people who ought to be working, talking to their kids, or improving their relationship with their spouse, but are simply too jaded, bored, or bitter to bother exerting themselves. Serious, don’t those people sound like the people you should be hanging with? (What? It just sounds like your family and co-workers? The ones you’re already sick to death of because they’re such killjoys about everything?  Well, come on over then!!!!  I’ve got brand new killjoys you’ve never even met before!)

It’ll be fun.  You know you want too.

LIFEZILLA:  I swear I love every single some of you.


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