Buck Up Weary Camper!!

Buck Up Weary Camper!!

 So Tuesday night I turned off the TV at roughly “what’s the point o’clock.”  I was shocked and saddened that the country had chosen “Free Stuff” over Freedom.  In my little brain I was thinking that the only difference between parasites and liberals is that parasites understand that killing their host wouldn’t be good for them.  My last thought before falling asleep was, “Maybe the Mayans were right.”

But when I woke up I felt better.  Even though I had to endure a day of being mocked and ridiculed for posting my predictions (you can see now why I’m not a huge gambler when I go to Las Vegas).

I thought Mitt ran a good campaign. In retrospect he could have, and should have, done a little more.  But that is water under the bridge.  The question is, what do we do now?  Do we act like a bunch of pansies and sit in the corner, sucking our thumbs, or do we “gird up your loins, fresh courage take”?  (If you ask my wife my loins are ALWAYS girded.)

The road ahead is going to suck.  Money guru Steve Forbes is predicting a recession.  We have “Taxmageddon” coming the first of the year.  It will effect everyone.  The Huffington Post (hardly a right-leaning organization) has a good article on it.  Read more of about it here.  Seriously…go read it.

I’m betting if Romney had pointed out more often that President Obama has raise taxes more than any President in history, the media would have had to explain it.

I’m sure many in the GOP are freaking out.  I don’t think going to the left is the answer though.  We need to do a better job at explaining the principles.

Steve Forbes said:

“Where the Republican Party goes, is not abandoning its principles of freedom, but making sure that we articulate those principles,” he said.

“When Romney came under attack for Bain he was not very good in sending the essence of free-enterprise and freedom, and the idea that markets succeed by serving the needs and wants of other people. He never made the moral case. We have to have candidates that do.

“We have a very good bench in the party — a lot of good, young up-and-coming people so this is not the time to try to be mini-Democrats. This is the time to go to basic principles and figure out how to get these principles across to people and the policies that derive from those principles across to people — all different groups in America, and that is the way we have to go.

“Reagan did it. We have to do it again.”

In other words.  Buck up weary camper!!!  The fight has just begun.


LIFEZILLA:  I used to think I was trapped inside a woman’s body…then I was born.

5 responses to “Buck Up Weary Camper!!

  1. Ahhhh…the liberal parasite…an oldie but goodie. 🙂 I think after that election, I would be looking at how the GOP can appeal to more liberals, not alienate them. Mitt didn’t lose this election because he didn’t make a moral case for free enterprise. Mitt lost this election because of the hard line the party took socially. That is fact. This election spoke volumes. Obama could have been beat. Obama should have been beat, the fact that Americans would rather struggle for work and stand at the edge of financial collapse rather than jump in bed with the Tea Party. A commanding victory for an incumbent who had every reason to not be re-elected says everything about the opposing party. Had the Reps put up a fiscal conservative with a socially liberal agenda, we would be looking at a new President. Massachusetts didnt even give votes to their former governor. Why? Because they didn’t know that Mitt Romney. The governor they knew was a moderate. That was not the Mitt that showed up on the Republican ticket. Mitt tried to please too many and in doing so he pleased none. If the numbers from Tuesday don’t send a clear message, nothing will. It was clear as day. If the Republican party wants to stay solid, they are going to have to make concessions somewhere. It’s that simple. You can put up all the good leaders you want, but unless you can get people to vote for them, the party is dead. People evolve. It only makes that political parties would do the same.

  2. …In layman’s terms: The USA is not only made up of the of the wonder-white cacausian. And by the way HONKIES, IT”S TIME TO GET OVER YOURSELF!!! We are a melting pot. Hello!!!! 71% of the Latino vote went to Obama. OMG, even W. Bush got 40%. Wake up & smell yourself, Repubs! Discover what the term DIVERSITY means and then learn how to embrace it! The WORLD is evolving w/o you! Circle the wagons… Brain storm… Truely find Jesus… It’s time to Repent of your arrogance and then CHANGE YOUR WAYS!!! You are wrong in your thinking. The majority has spoken. That is a fact!
    “It’s “WE” the people.” That means: all races and religions whether ‘OF FAITH’ or of no religious faith at all.
    It’s “TOLERENCE” of those who look and live differently than you that should be celebrated… not shunned. It’s the contrast of the many that makes the world rich… not the skewed vision of the self-proclaimed ‘ELITE’ few.
    The majority has demanded: POWER TO THE INCLUSION OF ‘ALL’ PEOPLE!! That is how we prosper. Join… Be part of the solution.
    PS: Hindsight is 20/20. If Jon Huntsman or Ron paul would have been your guy, I would have voted differently. Chew on that.

    • Wow….I’m not even sure where to start…..

      • We ‘PARASITES’ sometimes get spirited & riled when prodded with verbal sticks&stones.
        What I was really trying to say was: Yes, we do want stuff…. PROGRESS through compromise, inclusion & diversity.
        I’m a registered independent. I believe in fiscal responsibility & social tolerance.

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