Ohhold on.  I, yeahIgot, whoa, waitasec ond, okay yeahIgot it.  I got it.  You push on it to make the words separate.  It’s a bar that puts a space between the words.

Whew!!!!  I’m glad I could figure that out.

I was a little worried.  You see, I have been watching the Democratic National Convention (DNC) whenever I have been able to, and it seems to me whenever a Republican is generalized it is either as a rich, corporate owning, gun toting, selfish fatty, or a toothless stupid-dumb that doesn’t have two brain cells to rub together.

It was either one or the other and…well…I ain’t no rich man.

(Do you see what I just did there?  I used a double negative!!!  What an idiot!!)

This attached video really made me laugh.  It reminded me of a quote from James D. Best who said, “Conservatives think progressives have bad ideas, while progressives believe conservatives are bad people.”

Kudos to “The Daily Show.”



Now before you get all, “Duh Danny.  Stop being so melodramatic.”  I am not melodramatic! I’m just exaggeratedly emotional about most situations in an overly sensational sort of way.

I was planning on writing about Presidents Clinton, and Obama’s speeches, but I’m not going to, yet.

They were good, but neither were entirely true.

I might write my take on it later.

OH…Before I go.  These pictures made me laugh as well.  I just thought I would share.


LIFEZILLA: Beauty may only be skin deep, but it is nice to have if you’re poor and stupid.









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  1. This post read so much better the second time…I added “bitches” to the end of each statement. 🙂 and, pay no heed to those DNC liberals…they all lie.

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