The “Quayle” Factor

I am laughing out loud right now.  I was just talking to a co-worker of mine.  We were reminiscing about Dan Quayle.  Seriously, what an idiot.  I remember every night, it seemed, the late night talk show hosts would have more material about Dan Quayle than anything else.  He just won’t stop.

Do you remember?  Seriously, America should have seen it coming.  I mean it all started with him screwing up the lines of his own swearing in.  And then (just the highlights I can remember, in no particular order), he made a racist comment about Indians in a Dunkin Donuts.  At a rally he told a paraplegic supporter to stand up.  Who can forget the time he dropped the F-bomb at one of the president’s most important bill signings.  He talked about the time President Roosevelt “took to the television airwaves” after the stock market crashed in 1929, even though Roosevelt was the governor of New York at the time, and television wasn’t invented yet.  He plagiarized an entire speech from a British labor party leader.  I remember the late night talk show hosts went wild when he claimed to have finished top of his class in law school, when he actually graduated #76 out of 85.  AND WHO could forget when he said, “the number-one job facing the middle class…happens to be…a three-letter word: jobs. J-O-B-S, jobs”.  Oh yeah…Good times, good times.

Oh wait!!  I’m sorry.  My bad.  Quayle didn’t do any of those things.  Silly me.  Isn’t my face red?  He misspelled “potato.”  Our current Vice President Joe Biden did everything I listed above.  Sorry about that.  WOW…how did THAT happen?

Hmmm….it kinda makes you wonder, why is it that Quayle is remembered as an idiot/embarrassment to the country, but Biden is touted as a genius and a lovable character?  How is it my co-worker remembers Quayle as an idiot?  When asked why, she replied, “He can’t even spell ‘potato’.”  She didn’t know one thing about Biden.

Wait a minute!!!  Is there a double standard?

When I saw this article: Don’t worry, Joe: It ain’t so. Why Obama won’t run with Hillary Clinton  I was relieved.  We should definitely keep him around.  He is like Teflon.

Yeah, the more I think about it, I would say Biden is a pretty good running mate.  As long as you don’t mind his constant requests to tell him about the rabbits.


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4 responses to “The “Quayle” Factor

  1. I laugh everytime I think about him. I, actually like the guy. He is very likeable. I think his being so prone to social faux pas is what endears him to me. For some reason, I don’t expect Biden to be Presidential…he is just the old guy next door that has no filter. He says what he thinks and never really apologizes for it. You get what you see with Joe (good or bad.) He should probably care more and make more of an effort to be Presidential because of his position, but he doesn’t. He is just a hick. Calls it like he sees it…looks like an idiot daily where I think people held Dan Quayle to a higher expectation because he was esteemed differntly…we expect Biden to slip up…but we want the Quayles of the world to alwasy be articulate… always represent us well. I think Biden will forever be looked as as a bit of an odd ball. I think he is a hoot. Don’t know that I would want him running the country, but something about him is lovable.
    To add to that, I always have the same argument to myself about President Nixon. He goes down as a disgrace to our country. His “sin” was far less grievous than many other Presidents in my opinion. His name is forever shrouded in scandal, yet others involved have weathered stormier seas and remain upspotted… unscathed…all that Nixon did right is forgotten… what Nixon did wrong is remembered by all…ask anybody what the know about him and they usually begin and end with one word: Watergate.

    • Well said, Tisha! Joe Biden: He’s the real JOE 6-PACK (or The real Phil Dunfey of MODERN FAMILY.) An absolute gaffe machine, but he’s all heart and the country loves him for that. However, I too hope Obama stays healthy if re-elected. The idea of Joe incharge of the ship makes me a little nervous too.
      If McCain had won the nomination, I’d be saying the same thing about Sarah Palin (Queen of gaffes). I would be shaking in my shoes about her running the Country if McCain were to have croaked. Nonetheless, she’s super sexy & endearing to me in an odd, rediculous nutty kind of way. (She’s like the hot girl wearing tight wrangler jeans… she drives me nuts!!)

  2. I can’t even laugh at Sarah Palin …she is quirky in her own way but she she was the first female to be given an opportunity to represent women in this country and not only did she fail but she did it in an epic fail charlie sheen kind of way…I shutter at her name….cringe at her voice…although, she isn’t all bad…she got Obama elected…and for that I will thank her. ( :

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