Looking like a FOOL!!!

B4 i lunch in2 this i want u 2 understand i no i make typo’s ever so often.  i no.  Some X’s i get so exited to post what i have wrottened, I just throw it up (that sounded gross).  When I 1st thoughted to rite this I thoughted to say, hey, I don’t make typos.  I invent knew words, or new grammer rules.  But I desided to tell da troof.  Some tymes I hav my fryend Dave help me.  hes really smoort.  If I posted somethyin with out any mystakes its because Dave poof red it.

Quick story:

Today I went to the local convenience store for my first of several doses of caffeine. (Mmmmmm caffeine.)  As I’m getting out of my car I hear a woman screaming obscenities at someone.  The “F” word was FLYING.  I look over to see who was screaming at whom (or would it be “whom was screaming at who”?).  So I see a guy who, not only looks like a tool because he is being yelled at, he also has his pants down past his butt.  PAST HIS BUTT.  His black underwear glistening in the sun for all to see.  As I’m watching them, he waves one arm in the air in a dismissive gesture and starts walking away from the car.  His butt clenched tight, causing him to walk with his pelvis propelled forward, bull-legged, to keep his pants up.  All I could think was “What.  An.  Idiot.”.

Because I’m a guy, and I believe women are the main driving force behind every decision a man makes, I asked the women around the office if they thought that was an attractive look.  Now I work with a really diverse group of women.  Age, ethic group, styles.  They are all over the board.  Without exception they all thought it was a stupid look.  So why the hell do some guys do this?  It would be one thing if it was a short lived fad.  This has been going on for years!

It was January of 2010 the “Pants on the ground” guy sung on American Idol.  TWO YEARS AGO.

I’ve got to think it was about five years ago I saw this:

I get it  now………


How can anyone take this guy seriously?  Would you hire a guy who was dressed like that?



3 responses to “Looking like a FOOL!!!

  1. LOL… What is that? Um… yea…

  2. It’s a desperate cry for attention. Even if it’s negative attention… it’s still attention. Imagine what it was like growing up where he did. (I would wager that peace & plenty there did not abide smiling sweet on every side.) It’s sad. Very sad. Most people who resort to sporting this stylish look end up incarcerated, drug addicted, gang related, murdered or all the above. Yes, he looks like a fool… but he got your attention, right? As S.R. Covey said: “Seek first to understand before being understood.” Heaven forbid if you had to walk a mile in his shoes.

    • Daniel Quinney

      The only way to criticize someone like that IS to walk a mile in his shoes. That way, when you criticize, you are a mile away AND you have his shoes.

      If it were a teenager who had his pants past his butt, I wouldn’t have thought anything of it. I was an attention seeking whore in high school too. I would have given him a pass. THIS GUY was in his late twenties, early thirties. You don’t get a pass when you are that old. Even if it’s a cry for attention. At that age you’re douche bag. At a certain point you need look yourself in the mirror and grow up.

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