Slogans or Taglines?

Slogans or Taglines?

If you read my little bio on the side you know I was given this URL (a fancy way of saying ‘website’) from my younger sister.  I was at her house and she was walking me through how to post things and such, when she came up with my tag line “Life as I know it.”  Brilliant isn’t it?  I love it and shall always keep it.  I shall keep it and it shall always be mine.

But I was thinking the other day (a dangerous pastime – I know), and wondering if I had thought of a tagline or slogan what would it be?  Here is a partial list:

Give a hoot – read Lifezilla.

WOW!!  The Lifezilla side of my head feels all tingly.

Just put a pinch of Lifezilla between your cheek and gum.

Lifezilla: The artist formally known as Prince.

Lifezilla: Taste great, less filling.

Lifezilla: The other white meat.

Lifezilla: It just keeps going and going.

Lifezilla: While others drink from the fountain of knowledge, we gargle.

Lifezilla:  ‘Cause beauty may only be skin deep.  But it is nice to have if you’re poor and stupid.

Lifezilla: Just like heaven.  But without that awkward “dying” part.

Lifezilla: WHEW!!!  All this quality writing is really making me thirsty.

Lifezilla: Would like to take this opportunity to give you a quality written article.  Here, take it.  No seriously, take it.  It’s yours.

Sniiiiiiiiiiiffff – AUGH!!!  Don’t you just love that Lifezilla smell?

Lifezilla: It’s, like, oh-my-gosh, totally un-yucky.

You know what?  I think I just figured out why, at work, I hold the company record for the longest time spent in an entry level position.

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