Waht a wierd sroty…

Befroe I lancuh itno tihs psot tdoay.  I thugoht I wuold tlel you waht rsentely hpaneped.  As mnay of you may konw, my fmlaiy and I are HGUE bekirs.  Not on motroccyels, oh no.  I’m tlaknig biccyles.  We lvoe to rdie our bkies.  I’m awlays atfer my kdis to waer thier hemlets.  “Kdis,” I tlel tehm, “waer yuor hemlets.  Yuor mohter and I dno’t waht to hvae to feed you thourgh a starw,  and I gaurnatee you don’t wnat coloirng bokos for Chirsmtas, evrey yaer, for the rset of yuor lief.”

So the ohter day we are abuot to go on a bkie rdie.  I look all oevr the palce and cna’t fnid my hemlet anwyhere.  It’s oaky, I fiugre.  I’m a big boy.  I can hnadle it.  Wlel geuss waht?  I crsahed.  Not olny did I crsah.  I hit my haed.  HRAD!!!  No, no, no, dno’t wrory.  I’m oaky.  Sersiouly, I hvae nveer flet bteter.  The wreid thnig is, taht eevr scine the acicdnet, eevn thuogh I’m oaky, erveynoe esle semes a ltitle off.  Taht’s knid of odd, ins’t it?  I hit my haed and ervenyoe esle chnages.   It is lkie I’m lviing my own prviate epsiode of “The Twliihgt Znoe”.   Wierd, huh?

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