My Most Embarrassing Moment

My most embarrassing moment

 Two things happened recently.  First thing – it’s my birthday today.  Now I don’t want to be showered with gifts from all of you, like I was last year.  Really, I have always found that cash is the best gift.  That way you don’t have to worry if whatever you got me is going to fit, if I already have one, if I’m going to need the receipt to return it, or anything like that. Cash…cash.  Yes.  That is answer. The second thing: I was recently talking to a co-worker.  We kind of made it a game, where we were asking questions back and forth.  The combination of those two things has really made me take stock of my life.  In my 42 years of meandering upon the face of this earth, I have come to accept certain inalienable truths; One of which is I have made many, many mistakes.

I was thinking about my most embarrassing moment.  Ohmigosh.  It was horrible. Worst experience ever.  Imagine this.  I’m completely naked, wet, and covered with blood.  I could not stop crying.  Everyone in the room was staring at me. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t communicate.  It was horrible.  Seriously, I hated being born.

And what do I get to do today?  Commemorate the embarrassing moment.  I’m forced to remember it very single year.

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